Friday, February 20, 2009

Exploring Sydney

Thursday, Becky and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took a trip up to Manly Beach. I put on a bunch of 80 spf sunblock and spent a few hours laying in the sun. We also walked to another beach nearby, Shelley Beach. We continued our trek up a cliff and saw some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

Another highlight of the day was the ferry ride back to Sydney. Coming into the Harbour, we were able to see the Bridge and the Opera House lit up at night. It was incredibly beautiful. We walked around Circular Quay for a bit so we could get some pictures with these two icons of Sydney.

Yesterday, we saw two more of Sydney's attractions, the Botanical Gardens and the Aquarium. I especially enjoyed the rose garden at the Botanical Gardens. We also did the rainforest walk, made a wish at the wishing tree, and relaxed by the pond. At the Aquarium, we saw everything from sharks to penguins to eels. It was a great place to visit, but the sharks made me a little scared to go scuba diving or snorkeling!


  1. Glad you wore 80 spf. I'm betting you're still burnt.

  2. Thanks for posting the photo of the Opera House. It is really unique - I can't imagine how it looks in person! It must have been incredible to see the sights all around Sydney. Smart move on the sunscreen...and on nixing the scuba/snorkeling with sharks!

    Lots of love,
    Aunt Jayne