Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello All

After months of planning and preperation, it's finally here. I leave for Sydney in a little over a week! From Febuary 14th to June 28th, I'll be living in the land down under. I've been asked a million times in the past couple of weeks whether I am excited or nervous, but I don't think either of those are good descriptors of how I feel. If you know me, you know one of my mottos is "don't kill the chill". I feel this little adage applies to my trip to Australia, too. Of course I am a little nervous and very excited, but mostly I am ready to learn a lot, experience a new continent, and have a good time.

One of the reasons I feel so ready for this adventure is the support I have from my friends and family. It's hard to say goodbye, but with email, skype, blogging, etc, I know I'll be able to stay close with those I love. And if anyone wants a postcard, be sure to let me know!

I'll try to update my blog regularly with pictures and stories of my time in Australia, so keep checking over the next couple of months. Again, thanks to all my family, friends, sisters, co-workers, bosses, and anyway else who has supported me. Stay in touch, and I'll see you in July!


  1. We miss you already! Lots of love, Uncle Karl and Aunt Jayne

  2. I hope you are having a great plane ride. We love you lots. Mom and Dad

  3. Hi Charity! This will be a fun way to hear all about your experience. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. Laurie