Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Week of Class

This week was my first week of class at the University of Sydney. I am taking four classes this semester. Each consists of a two hour lecture and a one hour tutorial every week. The lectures are much larger than I am used to at Case, but the tutorials are much smaller and provide ample opportunity for questions and discussions. For my business classes, I am taking Foundations of Management and Human Resource Processes. I really enjoyed the lectures this week, and look forward to learning more about HR. For fun electives, I am taking Paths to Enlightenment and Religion in Multicultural Australia. I think that both of these religion classes will be extremely interesting. They even involve field trips to various religious communities in Sydney.

This week, I was also able to meet lots of other students and Australians inside and outside the classroom. Sunday, I went to a church that is within walking distance of my apartment. I really enjoyed the service, especially the contemporary music. In the future, I plan on attending the Sunday night service geared specifically towards students. After church, one of the families invited me to their house for lunch. It was great to feel so welcomed, and spend some time getting to know an Australian family.

Today, I attended several events. First was a large group meeting of the evangelical union. It was great to meet so many other Christians on campus! I also went to a meeting for Vision Generation, a campus organization run by World Vision. This semester they are doing events to raise awareness about slavery and human trafficking. I learned that their group also does the Famine for World Vision, but they do 40 hours instead of just 30 like we do! Luckily, their Famine is in August, so I will not be participating. Finally, I went to a BBQ and rehearsal for SUMS. The choir sounded great, and I met a lot of really nice people. Afterwards, we went to the pub for a drink. It was a fun way to end an eventful day!

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  1. What interesting things! Thanks for sharing. Love, Aunt Jayne